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We have long been dedicated to recapturing the authentic sound of 1920s and 1930s music in live performances and recordings in San Francisco. Our CDs are very popular, and we have recorded many. If you have seen us live, you'll be happy to know that our recordings capture the essence of how the RSJO sounds in person. Take a listen to the song samples below and find out what our fans have discovered about us. We are regularly told that our fans have literally worn out their Royal Society Jazz Orchestra CDs because they love them so much!  To learn more about our music visit our Home page and Our Music page. And remember, purchasing our CDs from our site helps us continue our work to keep the music alive!

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What A Perfect Combination
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

And indeed it is! Our most recent recording is a close to "perfect combination" of songs,
style, and musicianship.
We've received glowing reviews for "What A Perfect Combination" from fans near and far. This is a
Live Recording captured at the Ashkenaz in Berkeley. The applause has been cleverly removed and what remains is the authentic, artful, and lively way the RSJO plays 13 musical gems: 1920s Jazz and mid-1930s Big Band Swing. Songs by Cole Porter, Duke Ellington, Harry Warren, and more.
The song list features many longtime RSJO favorites, and some that are newer to our repertoire.

  1. 42nd Street
  2. You Do Something To Me
  3. Stay Out Of The South
  4. Love, You Funny Thing
  5. You Can't Have Your Cake
  6. Shout 'Em Aunt Tillie
  7. It's Delovely
  8. Dames
  9. You've Got That Thing
  10. Avalon
  11. Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart
  12. I Wanna Camp At The Ahwahnee
  13. What A Perfect Combination

  • Don Neely, leader, alto sax, clarinet, vocals;
  • Carla Normand, vocals;
  • Frederick Hodges, piano, vocals;
  • Steve Apple, drums;
  • Dix Bruce, guitar, banjo;
  • Marty Eggers, string bass, tuba;
  • Andrew Storar, 1st Cornet;
  • Kent Mikasa, 2nd Cornet;
  • Brent Bergman, trombone;
  • Bob Embry, tenor sax, clarinet, viola;
  • Mike Young 1st alto, clarinet

Hot Jazz Of the 1920s  Back in stock.
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Hear the very first recording by Don Neely's 11-piece Royal Society Jazz Orchestra!

On Hot Jazz Of The 1920s, hear and feel the TESTOSTERONE! The boys play it HOT and THEN SOME! Or shall I say, the needle is all the way into "RED DANGER" zone on the Jazz-O-Meter. The songs are all 1920s Jazz, some are standards, some obscure, but all are worthy of renewed appreciation. Have some fun with this rompin' stompin' expression of youthful enthusiasm for vintage jazz.

Recorded in 1978 at San Jose University.

  1. Clap Hands, Here Comes Charlie
  2. I'm Comin' Virginia
  3. Everything Is Hotsy Totsy Now
  4. Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight
  5. Go Joe, Go
  6. San
  7. Tiger Rag
  8. Louise
  9. The Payoff
  10. Walkin' My Baby Back Home
  11. Copenhagen

  • Don Neely,- leader, alto sax, clarinet, soprano sax, vocals;
  • Dick Randolf - cornet;
  • Tom Brozene - cornet;
  • Manny Alcantar - cornet;
  • Howard Myata - trombone, vocals;
  • Ron Deeter - alto, clarinet;
  • Lin Patch - Tenor, clarinet;
  • John Benson - Piano;
  • Pat Durtrow - Banjo, tenor Guitar;
  • Rick Siverson - Tuba, Bass, vocals;
  • Jimmy Hurt - Drums.

Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Includes songs of Yosemite - Hetch Hetchy, Redwood, and Wawona Waltz

You can also purchase and download "Deja Vu? "
from  Apple iTunes   or from CD Baby
  1. Hetch Hetchy
  1. Redwood
  2. Eureka!
  3. Deja Vu?
  4. Try Try Again
  5. Tip of the Iceberg
  6. How?
  7. When Lulu Does that Zulu Dance
  8. Tequila Mocking Bird
  9. Ashkenaz
  10. Do What You Can
  11. Obligatory Polka
  12. Lin's Lament
  13. Wawona
  14. Rover Got Run'd Over

  • Don Neely, leader, vocals, reeds;
  • Carla Normand, Vocals;
  • Frederick Hodges, piano, vocals;
  • Steve Apple, Drums;
  • Dix Bruce, Guitar, Banjo;
  • Marty Eggers, String Bass, Tuba;
  • Andrew Storar, 1st Cornet;
  • Kent Mikasa, 2nd Cornet;
  • Brent Bergman, Trombone;
  • Dick Mathias 1st alto, clarinet;
  • Bob Embry, Tenor Sax, Clarinet, Viola.

Just You, Just Me
Carla Normand
Temporarily Out Of Stock
Carla Normand
, known for her memorable work with the RSJO has made a remarkable solo recording, Just You, Just Me. Backed by Don Neely and a swinging sextet of San Francisco's best musicians - some from the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. Carla sings some of the most evocative songs ever written. Performed in a style and spirit of the great Swing Combos of the 1930s.

  1. Just You, Just Me
  2. Soft Lights And Sweet Music
  3. Somebody Loves Me
  4. A Sailboat In The Moonlight
  5. Nice Work If You Can Get It
  6. My Ideal
  7. The Nearness Of You
  8. A Shine On Your Shoes
  9. You Hit The Spot
  10. What Is This Thing Called Love?
  11. Time On My Hands
  12. What A Little Moonlight Can Do
  13. Willow Weep For Me
  14. Who Cares?
  15. My Old Flame
  16. No Strings

  • Don Neely, leader, vocals, reeds;
  • Carla Normand, Vocals;
  • Frederick Hodges, piano, vocals;
  • Steve Apple, Drums;
  • Dix Bruce, Guitar, Banjo;
  • Steve Hanson, String Bass;
  • Bob Schulz, Cornet
  • Ray Skjelbred, Piano

Sweet and Low-Down
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

"Sweet and Low-Down" captures the essence of what the RSJO is all about. You'll hear Carla Normand's moving rendition of the torch song "Can't We Be Friends?" and her jaunty singing of Gershwin's "Sweet and Low-Down." Don Neely treats us to humorous send-up of his new hit song, "Bungee Jump." Frederick Hodges is back with his inimitable piano playing and sings "What A Day!" Andrew Storar joins Carla on "If I Had A Million Dollars." And the band ... is swingingly superb! Big Band Swing and 1920s jazz at it's best!

  1. Ain't Misbehavin'
  2. The Boy In The Boat
  3. Bungee Jump
  4. Can't We Be Friends?
  5. At The Gatsby
  6. How Come You Do Me Like You Do?
  7. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
  8. Oh, Lady Be Good
  9. If I Had A Million Dollars
  10. Paper Moon
  11. Paramount Waltz
  12. Sweet and Low-Down
  13. Sweet Sue
  14. What A Day
  15. Old Yazoo

Rhythm and Romance
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

We've received many requests for a romantic, all-instrumental recording by the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. And here it is - Rhythm and Romance - just in time to ignite your next romantic soireé. We present you with a charming collection of beautifully performed songs: tangos, ballads, waltzes, rumbas, foxtrots - perfect for romantic background or dancing. Songs composed by Cole Porter, Rogers and Hart and more. Come enjoy these delicious songs and taste the sweeter side of the RSJO! Compact Disc Only.

  1. You Do Something To Me
  2. I've Got You Under My Skin
  3. Body And Soul
  4. The Moon Was Yellow
  5. Shadow Waltz
  6. Orchids In The Moonlight
  7. Confessin'
  8. Isn't It Romantic?
  9. There's A Small Hotel
  10. Change Partners
  11. Brazil
  12. Moon Of Manakoora
  13. Pagan Love Song
  14. This Can't Be Love
  15. As Time Goes By

Jump Start
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Jump Start has a wonderfully interesting selection of Big Band Swing songs and more, performed with amazing style by the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. And, that's not all. For the first time, you'll hear five of Don Neely's memorable songs, including the mesmerizing title song, Jump Start. Songs by Mr. Neely include the amazingly joy-inducing Record Skip Hop, a 1920s jazz-style sensation at concert halls and jazz festivals. Vocal artistry by Carla Normand and Don Neely. Compact Disc Only.

  1. Jump Start
  2. Rhythm Is Our Business
  3. Somebody Loves Me
  4. If Dreams Come True
  5. Sweet Georgia Brown
  6. Why Don't You Do Right?
  7. It's Been So Long
  8. Record Skip Hop
  9. Goody Goody
  10. Ac-centuate The Positive
  11. On the Sunny Side Of The Street
  12. Sing Sing Sing
  13. 720 In The Books
  14. When I Dance With You
  15. Yes-sir-ee-Bob

A Sunny Disposish
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Talk about great songs performed with spirit, artistry, style, and skill- the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra's A Sunny Disposish has all that and more. And as the George Gershwin title song implies, your mood will likely brighten when you slip this wonderful recording into your car stereo. Works way better than Prozac! Vocals by Don Neely, Carla Normand, Steve Apple, Jeff Gilbert, and Frederick Hodges. Compact Disc Only.

  1. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
  2. Sunny Disposish
  3. Sweet And Lovely
  4. It's The Girl
  5. Hal Roach Medley
    (Good Old Days, Laurel & Hardy, Little Rascals)
    • Dash and Dot
    • Rockin' Chair
    • In My Canoe
  6. Digga Digga Doo
  7. You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
  8. Smile When The Raindrops Fall
  9. Falling In Love Again (Can't Help It)
  10. Shanghai Shuffle
  11. You Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
  12. Turn On The Heat
  13. Por Una Cabeza (By A Head) Tango
  14. Stormy Weather
  15. Casa Loma Stomp

20th Live!
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

By popular demand, Don Neely and the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra created their first live recording. Capturing the special excitement and energy of live performance, on the night of the RSJO's 20th anniversary at the San Francisco Press Club. It is the next best thing to being there in person. A night of musical joy, spirited dancing and socializing. Enhancing 20th Live with their vocals are Don Neely, Carla Normand, Frederick Hodges, Lin Patch, and Jeff Gilbert. Compact Disc Only.

  1. Broadway Melody
  2. Learn To Croon
  3. Under The Moon
  4. Pennies From Heaven
  5. She Reminds Me Of You
  6. Rhythm Man
  7. Honeysuckle Rose
  8. About A Quarter To Nine
  9. Let's Fly Away
  10. Young And Healthy
  11. Some Of These Days
  12. Moten Swing / You're Driving Me Crazy
  13. Keepin' Out Of Mischief Now
  14. Exactly Like You
  15. Zonky
  16. The Best Things In Life Are Free

Roll Up The Carpet
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Here we present the popular and captivating collection of songs performed by the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. A spirit-lifting musical pleasure awaits you. Roll Up The Carpet features many of our fans' favorite songs from the RSJO repertoire. It's got lots of hot 1920s jazz syncopation, early 1930s gems, and mid-1930s big band swing. Featuring the singing talents of Carla Normand, Frederick Hodges, Don Neely, and Lin Patch. Compact Disc Only.

  1. I'm Sitting On Top Of The World
  2. The Old Man Of The Mountains
  3. Roll Up The Carpet
  4. Music In My Fingers
  5. Skirts!
  6. You Turned The Tables On Me
  7. Yes! Yes!
  8. You've Got Everything
  9. Sunnyside Up
  10. Cheer Up! Smile! Nertz!
  11. Long About Midnight
  12. It Had To Be You
  13. Bend Down Sister
  14. That's My Weakness Now
  15. Music Makes Me
  16. Now's The Time To Fall In Love
  17. All My Life
  18. Limehouse Blues
  19. The Sheik Of Araby

Radio Rhythm
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Have you ever encountered a recording that you simply can't stop listening to? And despite countless playings, it continues to draw you in? The RSJO's Radio Rhythm is one of those rarities. It's overflowing with great songs and beguiling surprises. Featured with great style are vocalists Carla Normand, Don Neely, and Frederick Hodges. One of the band's most popular recordings. Compact Disc Only.

  1. Goin' To Town
  2. Hello Beautiful
  3. Love Is Good For Anything That Ails You
  4. 'Taint So, Honey 'Taint So
  5. When It's Sleepytime Down South
  6. Thumpin' And Bumpin'
  7. Honolulu Baby
  8. Moanin' Low
  9. Mood Hollywood
  10. Sentimental Gentleman From Georgia
  11. 'Taint No Sin
  12. Slumming On Park Avenue
  13. Throwin' Stones At The Sun
  14. Three Little Words
  15. Radio Rhythm
  16. How Deep Is The Ocean
  17. Swing Mr. Charlie
  18. I've Got My Love To Keep Me Warm
  19. Big John Special
  20. Lazy Bones
  21. Do The New York

Don't Bring LuLu
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

The fun begins the moment you pop this baby into your player. The RSJO will set your mind and your feet to dancing and soon you'll feel like a new person. Hard to believe-but people tell us so, all the time. Don't Bring LuLu is chock full of zesty 1920s jazz syncopation. Special guests include Jeremy Cohen on violin and Bob Schulz on Cornet. Carla Normand, Don Neely, and Frederick Hodges lend their creative spark to the vocals. Compact Disc Only.

  1. Crazy 'Bout My Baby
  2. There's A Wah Wah Gal In Agua Caliente
  3. Don't Be Like That
  4. Bashful Baby
  5. South
  6. Ridin' To Glory
  7. Big Boy
  8. Don't Bring LuLu
  9. Vine St. Drag
  10. I'm Wonderin' Who?
  11. Buy Buy For Baby
  12. Will You Won't You?
  13. Hello Montreal
  14. Come On Baby
  15. He's The Last Word
  16. Peggy
  17. Variety Stomp
  18. Dusky Stevedore

Harlem To Hollywood
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Discover a goldmine of sparkling songs in Harlem To Hollywood, played with effervescence by the talented members of the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. As the title implies, the music skips from coast to coast, gathering musical gems along the journey. Special guest pianist, Peter Mintun, lends his high-style artistry to this colorful collection of songs. Expressive vocal solos are provided by Carla Normand, and Don Neely. Compact Disc Only.

  1. We're In The Money
  2. China Boy
  3. Stuff
  4. Let's Do It
  5. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  6. Swamp Fire
  7. Was That The Human Thing To Do?
  8. Rockin' In Rhythm
  9. Sing You Sinners
  10. Clementine From New Orleans
  11. You Don't Like It Not Much
  12. High Society
  13. Black and Tan Fantasy
  14. Let's Face The Music And Dance
  15. Nashville Nightingale
  16. Pass Out Lightly
  17. I'll Never Be The Same
  18. 'Leven Thirty Saturday Night
  19. I'm Gonna Charleston Back To Charleston
  20. Mysterious Mose
  21. Hot Mustard

Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling?
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

That's just what this great recording by the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra will give you. The exuberance and flair of their performance will amaze and delight you. Special guests The Jesters, the vocal trio known for their "Jazz Age" vocal harmonies, team up with the band on several numbers. And if that's not enough, Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling features the winning vocal talents of Carla Normand, Don Neely and Frederick Hodges.

  1. Shakin' The Blues Away
  2. Boogie Woogie
  3. Conversational Man
  4. The Breakaway
  5. Waitin' For Katy
  6. Make My Cot Where The Cot Cot Cotton Grows
  7. Sweet Jennie Lee
  8. Positively Absolutely And How
  9. My Kinda Love
  10. New Moten Stomp
  11. Wob-A-Ly Walk
  12. I Know That My Baby Is Cheatin' On Me
  13. Changes
  14. Ain't That A Grand And Glorious Feeling?
  15. My Cutey's Due At Two To Two
  16. Sunday
  17. I'm Tickled Pink With A Blue-Eyed Baby
  18. What Do We Do On A Dew-Dew-Dewey Day?
  19. Things That Were Made For Love
  20. Mule Face Blues

Stardust — Back In stock
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

Featured now at Disneyland! Stroll down the main street of the California Experience and you will be delighted to hear the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra's rendition of the jazz classic Stardust playing.

We think you'll want to add this wonderful Royal Society Jazz Orchestra recording to your personal collection. After discovering and falling in love with other great RSJO works, you'll just have to get Stardust, too. Recorded in 1980-82, this compact disc is brimming with that special RSJO quality and personality beloved by so many - from the classic Stardust to the obscure but extrememly joy-inducing My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes, their most frequently requested song. Vocals by Don Neely and band. Compact Disc Only.

  1. The Mooch
  2. Crazy Words
  3. Crazy Tune
  4. Stardust
  5. Varsity Drag
  6. Brother Can You Spare A Dime?
  7. Alabama Stomp
  8. My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes
  9. Stampede
  10. Lazy Weather
  11. Black Bottom Stomp
  12. Whispering
  13. Miss Annabelle Lee
  14. East St. Louis Toodle-oo
  15. Shake That Thing
  16. Happy Days Are Here Again
  17. Mississippi Mud
  18. Rockin' In Rhythm
  19. Yes Sir That's My Baby
  20. Home
  21. Happy Feet
  22. Too Bad

If I Had You — Back In stock
Royal Society Jazz Orchestra Recording

You've probably noticed that the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra offers you a distinctive and classic style of music.  Here is the CD counterpart to Stardust. If I Had You, was also recorded in 1980-82. Packed with enthusiasm, verve and excellent musicianship, this compact disc features a cornocopia of classics from the RSJO's colorful and varied repertoire. Vocals by Don Neely, Manual Alcantar, Howard Miyata, Rick Siverson, and more. Compact Disc Only.

  1. If I Had You
  2. Static Strut
  3. Am I Blue?
  4. China Boy
  5. Dardanella
  6. Creole Love Call
  7. Eccentric Rag
  8. I Ain't Got Nobody
  9. You Rascal, You
  10. Georgia On My Mind
  11. Puttin' On The Ritz
  12. Song Of India
  13. Black Maria
  14. Singin' In The Rain
  15. Sophisticated Lady
  16. Anything Goes
  17. Some Of These Days
  18. Nashville Nightingale
  19. Slippery Elm
  20. Twelfth Street Rag
  21. Big City Blues
  22. Chinnin' And Chattin' With May

Crazy Rhythm
Don Neely's Royal Society Six
Don Neely presents the Royal Society Six, who with a wonderfully talented crew of jazz players, perform jazz and swing era songs with stylistic influences of New Orleans, Harlem of the 1920s, and of course San Francisco Jazz. They had the luxury of refining their sound five nights a week, for three years at the famous New Orleans Room, at the San Francisco Fairmont Hotel. On Crazy Rhythm, they play a splendid array of selections, from vintage jazz to Swing classics.

  1. Crazy Rhythm
  2. From Monday On
  3. East St. Louis Toodle-oo
  4. Plenty Of Money And You
  5. Jersey Bounce
  6. Rockin' Chair
  7. Sweet Georgia Brown
  8. The Joint Is Jumpin'
  9. Tumamu Mama
  10. St. James Infirmary Blues
  11. Love Me Or Leave Me
  12. The Very Thought of You
  13. I Would Do Anything For You
  14. Two Sleepy People

  • Don Neely
  • Bob Schulz,
  • Carla Normand

  • Don Neely - Reeds
  • Bob Schulz - Cornet
  • Tony Marcus - Guitar,
  • John Hunt - Trombone
  • Jim Maihack - Piano
  • Bing Nathan - String Bass

Frederick Hodges
Manhattan Serenade - Piano Solos
The first decades of the twentieth century witnessed the flowering of an exciting new style of piano composition that fused European classical music traditions with the popular music styles of the New World. George Gershwin’s music is highly representative of this tradition, but with this CD, Frederick Hodges presents a major recital of some of the lesser known gems of piano writing that emerged during the flood of creativity that distinguishes this era. $20 Compact Disc.

  1. Manhattan Serenade
  2. Dolly Dimples
  3. Syncopated Love
  4. Serenade To A Skyscraper
  5. Shreveport Stomp
  6. Willow Moss #1 From Aquarium Suite
  7. Moorish Idol
  8. Fantail
  9. Whirligig
  10. The Joker
  11. Sweet William
  12. Estelle
  13. Silhouette
  14. Sapphire
  15. That Futuristic Rag
  16. Aunt Jemima's Birthday
  17. Society Blues
  18. The Cyclone
  19. Chromatic Capers
  20. Feeding The Kitty
  21. Russianova
  22. Variations on Waiting For The Robert E. Lee

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